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Конспект уроку Welcome to Ukraine.
13.03.2018, 21:34

Welcome to Ukraine.

Урок – презентація у 6 класі з використанням комп’ютерних технологій.

East or West home is best.

Objectives: to broaden student’s knowledge about their Motherland, it’s traditions culture: to practice listening, speaking, reading, writing skills through various creative activities; to revise the grammar material – the Present Perfect Tens.


Equipment: text-books, computers, computer presentations, cards for group work, the national symbols of Ukraine (willow), state symbol (flag), pictures, maps, badges.


  1. Introduction.

Good morning children! I am glad to see you again pupils! Today we have an unusual lesson. It’s a presentation lesson and its topic is “Welcome to Ukraine”. The aim of our lesson is to improve our knowledge and broaden our outlook, to watch presentations, to play games.

2. Warm-up Activities.

T. And the best way is to start our lesson with a poem.


My Native land

My land is so beautiful and free

My land is the dearest I can see

When down the river I do boating

And birds are flying high above

I hear a song, it is flowing

To those trees, the land I love.

T. Thanks a lot! If you look on the teacher’s desk, you will see flags of Ukraine and Britain.

Now, children in turn come to teacher’s desk and choose the flag what you liked and explain why you have chosen this flag.

P1.   I have chosen Ukrainian flag, because I am proud I live in Ukraine.

P2.   I have chosen Britain flag, because I like English language.

P3.   I have chosen Ukrainian flag, because I was born in Ukraine.    

P4.   I have chosen Britain flag, because I very like London Tower.

T.   And it was a piece of Crammar – The Present Perfect Tense. So when do we use this Tense.

P1.  The Present Perfect Tense is used: to describe the actions


T.    Tell the rule of building of the Present Perfect Tense using the following scheme.

P1.                                The Present Perfect Tens

have, has


 Ved V3



Time expressions:

Ever, never, yet, already, for, since, just, always, so far, how long, recently, today,

T.     Now imagine such situation

Pupils, who has chosen Ukrainian flag, are Ukrainian children,

Pupils, who has chosen English flag, are English children.

We have two groups.

You had a task to prepare definition of some words on topic. Now we are doing to guess them. (In tarn groups give definition of such words as waterways, capital, holiday, climate, river)

Group work (situation)

Olha Serhiyivna: Some boys from senior classes will meet the quests at the airport. They will help them to get to the hotel. Next day they are going to visit our school.

Terry: … And have an International Twelve O’clock Tea. I read the British are great tea drinkers.

O.S. Well, the talk around the table is a good way of communication. I like the idea, Terry.

Lilly: And we can make an exhibition of the Ukrainian Folk Art: embroidered towels, wooden souvenirs, pysankas…

O.S. Yes, it’s important to give our guests the idea about Ukraine and its people. Are there any other ideas?

Speaking.  English schoolchildren ask schoolchildren about Ukraine

Answer question.

  1. Where does Ukraine lie?
  2. What  part does does Ukraine consist of?
  3. What sea is Ukraine washed by?
  4. What’s the highest mountain of Ukraine?
  5. What is the capital of Ukraine?
  6. What river does Kyiv stand on?
  7. What kind of climate is there in Ukraine?
  8. What mineral resources is Ukraine rich in?
  9. What industries are there in Ukraine?
  10.  What is the surface of Ukraine?
  11. What are big cities in Ukraine?
  12. What is the longest river of Ukraine?
  13. Will you tell all about Ukraine?

Ukrainian group prepared presentation about their country

(Презентація зроблена в програмі Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003)

Ps. Show their presentation.

Writing. Tests on Computers.

T. Now we have to do the last task. We are going to do Tests on Computers.

3. Summing-up

It’s time to get homework  for the next lesson. You’ll prepare sings songs and poems about Ukraine.

On your desks you have the sun and the cloud. This is your mood forecast. If you have a good mood show the sun, and if you have a fad mood the Cloud, please. Thanks  you for being active and hard-working. Our presentation lesson is over. Bye!




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